Tips for Selling

Here are some useful tips for selling your motorhome on RV Trader.

1. Provide a very clear explanation about your vehicle. This will be helpful to the viewer along with avoiding a stack of emails from people asking the same questions about your motorhome.

2. Plenty of photos. We can tell you that the listings with more images seem to get more views. Make your images clear and large enough for the viewer to get a good idea of what your motorhome really looks like. Try not to repeat similar images and provide a wide range of views.

3. Make your price realistic. Be aware of what the current market is paying. In saying that our listings are one simple payment until sold, however the goal is to sell your motorhome.

4. Be sure to add your email address as this is how our contact forms work so the potential buyer can be assured they are going to get a response from you. It can also be a good idea to add your phone number as some buyers prefer to have a discussion about your motorhome with you

5. Share your listing around. Use social media to promote your listing to an even wider audience. You will find a small blue button at the bottom of your listing which makes it simple to share your listing to Facebook.

6. We have a video option on our listings so maybe consider making a short video walk through of your motorhome. This will give the potential buyer a much better sense of the layout of your motorhome.

– See below for an example –